Tuesday, 19 July 2016

It is a sad fact that humans have always been divided with hierarchies build among men in all societies. Where some live and dine like kings, other cannot. Where some bath in riches, others drawn in utter poverty. Where some have control over others, other remain their subject for a lifetime. Where some enjoy everything life has to offer, other only languish in nothingness.
One organizations envisions all these barriers done away with. Relief India Trust, a top non-governmental organization in India believes that, even with all human rights observed, there shall always be two different levels of people in any society, those living above poverty line and those living below. Those above the poverty line enjoy sharing the basic facilities life has to offer. On the other hand, those living below the poverty line are not in a position to even help themselves and always rely on help that comes their way to get cross to the next level and enjoy a change of life. In most cases, this much needed help comes from those living above the poverty line and who have the time and means to change their being and lives of the fellow people.
One reasons why Relief India Trust stands out from the rest is the fact that it is a nonprofit organization. This non-governmental organization believes that everyone has the power to change another person’s life. However, there only so much one person can do. Even if the person bends over backwards trying to support the society in every way that they can, the impact of his effort will be insignificant compared to the high number of slums in dire need of help till they are in a position to support themselves. Without a doubt, so much has been done but unfortunately it has been insufficient.
-       Every child must be put in school to warrant a good future for them unlike the grim present they are currently waking up to every day. This culture must be drilled deep into the communities ensuring that the children see the need to educate their children in a later time and ultimately driving the society towards a stable future. Relief India Trust has embarked on radical moves aimed at ensuring every kid gets the quality education that they deserve.
-       Every person is entitled to a healthy living. However, it is quite saddening that while some enjoy high quality healthcare in luxurious cities, those living in the slums have zero access to the necessary healthcare and as a result they succumb to treatable ailments.
-       Relief India Trust is devoted to providing the basic facilities. However, the population in need of these aid is so high that the effort by the organizations seems almost insignificant. Relief India Trust believes that all are entitled to clean water, food, clothing, and medical care.

-       ReliefIndia Trust
has also been actively involved in the fight against human right violation. The human rights charter has a clear guidance and therefore every member of the society must get their rights and knowledgeable about them.